Pair with a cup of coffee in the morning for extra yum– it's perfection, don't question the magic. Levain Bakery; 167 West 74th Street New York, NY, 10023, 212-874-6080. When Harry Rosen opened Junior's on Election Day in 1950, he knew that in order to be a great restaurant in New York, you have to serve the best New York Cheesecake. So he and his Master Baker, Eigel Petersen, conducted laboratory-like experiments in the bakery at Junior's testing and tasting until they hit upon the magic formula. From wedding planning assistance to everyday occasion cakes, Paz does it all. As for the wedding cakes, Paz's traditional style has a touch of whimsy to it. Her custom-made cakes, however, are towering confections with intricate details and limitless imagination. 49. The Cake Lady Bakery, Sioux Falls, North Dakota.

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